EPV Seminar

2016 EPV Seminar - Toulouse, France




On 22nd-23rd September, our annual meeting was held in the beautiful city of Toulouse, France. The board members of the EPV worked hard to put together an exciting and broad scientific program.

The annual meeting is known to facilitate exchange information and continuous education, as well as to enjoy a good time with colleagues. A big thanks goes out to all of you!

Presentations focused on: Stem cells and gene therapy in NHPs, as well as other NHPs topical subjects, case reports and legislation updates.  Several well-known speakers were scheduled as keynote speakers such as Prof. Hannah Buchanan-Smith, Dr. Matt Reynolds, Prof. Weizhi Ji and Dr. Marie-Anne Colle. 

As usually, we could offer the Elsevier Student Award to the two best oral presentations.

Traditionally, an honorary member is invited to attend our annual meeting to give a lecture on a topic of his/her expertise, and to receive his/her honorary membership. This year, Prof. Hannah Buchanan-Smith from the University of Stirling (UK) was awarded becoming an EPV honorary member. As a major contributor to primate research in the fields of ethology and ecology as well as being a significant promotor of the animal welfare and of the 3Rs principles. We appreciate her for her contribution to advances and improvements within primate research. Her lectures on the EPV meeting were very valuable for all seminar attendees.


  The EPV board hopes to see you for the 2017 seminar !

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